Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick and Easy Stamps!

I've been about doing a mudcloth project with third grade since it ties in with their science soils unit. My goal was to mix different types of soils with paint and notice the changes in consistency, color and other "scientific properties." Of course there will be painting, but I wondered what it would be like if students could create their own stamps and work a little printing into the project. 

I've always wanted stamps for certain occasions, etc. but wasn't sure of a way to make them with ease. This is something you kids can do in 10 minutes and certainly, it's tons of fun. 

Foam sheets with an adhesive backing. I bought these at Michael's for about five bucks:
Clear plastic that you can cut (I used cardboard since I am working from home, however clear plastic will allow you to see where the stamp is being placed)

1. Take one sheet of foam, peel the back and stick it to the front of a second piece of foam. This will ensure the stamp is actually thick enough for stamping (I learned from my mistakes last year). 
2. Cut the foam into squares if you are distributing for a class
3. Draw on your design. I used a Sharpie and unbelievably it smudged a little. I am sure pencil could work just fine.
4. Imprint designs in the foam that you would like to see on the stamp.
5. Cut the design out and using a dull pencil or the back of a pencil,  
6. Peel the backing and attach to a small piece of plastic/cardboard
7. Ink and stamp!!!

There you have it. Super easy stamps that can be made by your kids for any occasion!